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Business Team

Our Values


We build relationships that are based on mutual trust. Our actions are guided by integrity and the respect we have for our customers, our suppliers, our partners and one another.

Customer Connection

We share the passion of our customers. Their success is important to us and we support them in all their efforts to succeed. We have a relationship with them based on honesty and confidentiality.

Team Spirit

We pool our diverse knowledge to help our clients and Partners for Employment Centre grow. We respect our differences and work together to ensure our success.


We honor our commitment to provide quality professional employment services. We take full responsibility for our actions in all of our dealings with colleagues and clients.

Work-Life Balance

We recognize that balancing professional demands and personal obligations poses unique challenges for each of us. We advocate a work environment that allows us to achieve the right balance between our professional and personal life.

Open Mind

Our minds are open. We are always ready for dialogue, always close to each other, we make sure to give the right time.

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