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The Partners for Employment Centre is committed to providing quality professional employment services. In order to achieve the highest level of quality in the customer experience, the Centre must use any feedback form its customers as an opportunity for improvement.


Our Commitment Promise






To Our Clients, We Offer

  • Career guidance and study selection services, employment counseling, aptitude tests and questionnaires of various interests

  • Workplace placement and personalized support throughout the placement to ensure it meets the objectives of the trainers and trainees of the program

  • Workshops on job search, interview techniques and life skills

  • A resource centre with relevant documentation, computers with Internet access, printer, photocopier, telephones and the electronic tablets where we post the job openings in the region

  • Support for writing resumes and cover letters

To the Employers, We Offer

  • Workers ready to be trained and able to meet their workforce needs

  • A preliminary selection of potential employees

  • The possibility of subsidizing work placements

  • Information on the labour market

We Are Committed to Serving You By

  • Maintaining dignity, respect and self-confidence

  • Respecting cultural and linguistic heritage

  • Recognizing the fundamental right of people to achieve their goals

  • Ensuring that all discussions and information disclosed remain strictly confidential

  • Ensuring that we comply with the all accessibility standards to all our services

We invite you to share your compliments, comments or complaints to management about your customer experience so that we can better meet your expectations and needs.

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